Getting Started

  1. Download FileStore and deploy it to an SQL Server 2012 or 2014 instance (at least SQL Server Express with Advanced Services, with FileTable support installed at the Instance level). The script will create a database with a FileTable in it. This is suitable for use to demonstrate this capability but would have to be adapted for production use - and there would be other steps necessary to configure the DB instance and the underlying system to put this into production.
  2. Download SqlFileTableExtension - either as a VSIX (which you can simply install into Visual Studio) or as source code (allowing you to compile the VSIX yourself). If you choose the latter, you need the Extensibility Toolkit for Visual Studio Lightswitch. This was built against 2013 Update 2.
  3. In the Properties of your Lightswitch application, select the check box next to "SQL Server FileTable Data Source Extension" to add it to your project.
  4. Attach to an external data source in your Lightswitch server application.
  5. Select WCF RIA as the type of data source.
  6. Select SqlFileTableExtension.DataSources.SqlFileTableDataSource.
  7. Provide a connection string that allows for connection to the database containing your FileTable. If you used FileStore, and if you're using the default Instance Name for SQL Server Express with Advanced Services on your own machine, the following connection string is appropriate for use in debugging and testing: data source=.\SQLEXPRESS;initial catalog=FileStore;integrated security=True;
  8. Use the FileNode class exposed by the services, and the provided query methods, to build your own screens, and go at it! This will work with both Silverlight and HTML - type clients, and it will work with Silverlight clients published either in Desktop or Browser modes.

Note: For some operations, you will probably want to call queries in your own code. For example, I recommend using a standard OpenFileDialog to create new FileNodes and populate them. At some point when I have more time, if there is enough interest, I will post examples. For today's purposes, note that it all works (at least as well as I can test it on my own).

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